Passage Kolumbien, Tintipan nach Panama, San Blas (180nm)
Eine angenehme Passage, wir sind allerdings froh, dass jetzt erstmal nur Tagestrips anstehen

Much better weather then predicted


  • 180 Seemeilen
  • Mehr segeln als motoren !
  • Keinen Fisch gefangen!
  • Angenehmes Wetter, keine Squalls, Welle nur 1-1,5m, Mondlicht

  • Größere Kartenansicht

    Passage to Panama

    Sonnenuntergang mit Blick auf Mucura, La Islote und Tintipan bei der Abfahrt

    Friday, 24.05.2013, 16:00 – "Going to Panama - Leaving the Reefs" – (Christian)
    Yesterday we have made an excursion to check the buoys on the chart vs. reality => The good news: There are buoys. => The bad news: by far not as many as on the charts ...

    We decided due to visibility to take the long way around east of Tintipan and then first north before going west.

    I made a big mistake: I wanted the chartplotter to save the trip out of Tintipan for fellow cruisers as a help and therefore I wanted to create a new trip. While doing this I deleted the old trip which I was supposed to follow because at 16:00, with an totally overcasted sky, we could not see the reefs!
    => The way out was a little bit blind, but we knew the way
    => I would not dared to enter the canal the first-time under those conditions!

    Because we had plenty of time we did a little detour to the hotel and got a signal and after a while a connection => we have uptodate weather now! => It looks like we can only sail tomorrow at 16:00 until 04:00 => we will check!

    We have to go ca. 180nm and this makes it a bit uncomfortable for planning.
    Our planning-objectives:
    - Leave Tintipan not after 16:00 so the light is still ok (it will be not good, but we can follow our track on the plotter from going in)
    - Arrive in the San Blas between 10:00 and 16:00 (high noon prefered) so we have a good chance for having good visibility to the reefs (the brighter the sunshine and higher the sun, the better the differences in color which indicates the depth)
    Our planning-presumtions:
    We think we can do some sailing and have to do some motoring which means
    5,5-6,0 kn under motor
    3,0 knots under sail
    => Assumption: Mixed Average overall: 4,5 knots
    at 4,0 kn it takes 44 hours => ETA: 12:00
    at 4,5 kn it takes 39 hours => ETA: 07:00
    at 5,0 kn it takes 34 hours => ETA: 03:00
    The only way to spend one night, rather than two, at sea would be leaving at 07:00; doing 5,5 kn and arriving at 15:00 the next day => But that would only be possible at calm seas with only motoring, which we do not like.

    We have to check our ETA (Expected Time of Arrival) the whole time (especially in the second half of the trip) so if we are going to fast, we have to slow down and wait or if we are to slow we have to motor.

    For the calculation I made an Excel-spreadsheet, you can download it here: Traveltimecalculator

    (I liked doing some work like this, because just now I miss my work at home (I feel a bit homesick now => Sick of the living on the boat, our home now)

    Saturday, 25.05.2013, 08:00 – "60nm west of Tintipan" – (Christian)
    We have done a third of the way now. Our average speed was ca 4,3knots and we sailed the whole way from the outerreef until now! No swell at all! Moonlight all night and no squalls!
    => GREAT!!!

    Unfortunately I am not sure if our "normal" little Gecko in the cockpit is still alive, we have not seen him for weeks.
    But I found a new tiny gecko in our sleepingroom. I hope he likes sandflies!
    => GREAT!!!

    Unser "neuer" Gecko

    Saturday, 25.05.2013, 13:00 – "100nm to go" – (Christian)
    The wind died after 08:00 while I tried to get some sleep => as always I cannot sleep! => Maybe tonight!
    => Maybe I have to read a book on how to shut the systems off and sleep or do a seminar.
    Dagmar tries to catch a fish (maybe she has now the huntervirus?), which we can use in the San Blas.

    The swells pick up to 1-1,2m and the rigg is shacking the boat; the motor is noisy even while wearing my earplugs
    => Not great!

    Zweiter Sonnenuntergang auf See

    Sunday, 26.05.2013, 13:00 – "Kuna Yala, Coco Banderos, Panama" – (Christian)
    We arrived on time! No fish caught!
    After slowly making the approach through the reefs, we dropped anchor at "Coco Banderos" in 10m. We are now surounded by 5 palm-islands and some reefs.
    Here it looks like a photo out of an advertisement-brochure!

    Kuna Yala

  , © Dagmar und Christian Sahr